The Stolen Gem

The End

This was a short single adventure using the 1st Edition rules. We finished (mostly) the adventure, so there won’t be any more updates.

We are currently playing a WFRP 2nd Edition game (die Alte Welt), which can be found on this site. Enjoy.

Into The Olde Asylum
Hmm, someone else has been here

After resting the night, the group sets out to find the Schatzenheimer gang. Knowing that the Olde Asylum is their last known hangout, it sounds like a good place to start.

The building has been officially abandoned for almost 100 years, but various criminal organizations have been inhabiting it pretty much that whole time. In addition, they’ve modified it to connect it to dungeons and surrounding sewers, turning an already convoluted building into a true maze.

They find the entrance door locked, but a sign directs them to respect the rules of Asylum: knock before entering. Jargus bangs on the door savagely with the butt of his ax, causing quite a racket. When no one answers, he spins his ax around and uses the other end. With one mighty blow, he smashes the door to splinters, opening the way into the Asylum.

Inside, the darkness is oppressive, but Athelred quickly pushes the darkness back with a dancing magic flame.

Immediately inside the group finds the remnants of a battle. The room is torn up, with furniture scattered and broken. Across the floor, six corpses are sprawled in various positions. Two are wearing identical fig leaf pendants, while the other four each have a card dropped on or near them. The cards read, “Congratulations! You’ve just met the Valentina Anti-Personnel Crew!” Being eternally pragmatic, the group decides to take both pendants and all the playing cards. You never know when you’ll need to frame someone for murder.

Exploring half a dozen rooms, all they find are more wreckage and corpses. Getting frustrated with the lack of action, Jargus comments that another band of adventurers may have already come through.

Finally, as they’re exploring one room, a slumped over figure sits up and fires a crossbow bolt directly into Reikas’s leg. Enraged, Reikas charges the prone assailant and spears him through the chest, driving his spear all the way into the stone floor beneath. With a spray of blood, the assailant shudders and dies.

Strolling into another room, the group finds three Valentina thugs sitting at a table playing cards. Unable to contain his curiosity, Reikas asks, “Um, why are you playing cards and hanging out while your compatriots’ bodies are left unattended just one room over? Why wouldn’t you bury them or something?”

Unable to come up with a good reply, the thugs respond by drawing their crossbows and taking a few shots.

Usually it’s the PCs who try to attack while the NPCs are talking. This time though, we just had to ask. The lack of continuity was just too much…

Without too much trouble, the party is able to overcome all three thugs. Rufus even manages to shoot one directly in the head with his crossbow as the thug attempts to flee.

Continuing on, the party finds a storeroom humming with activity. A boss stands in the middle barking out orders as peons pack boxes. It’s clear that everyone is in a hurry to leave.

The boss calls something out in Oldworlder to Reikas, who promptly tries to stab him. Without hesitation, the peons drop their boxes, draw swords and attack. Equally as quickly, they turn and flee. The reason? In one smooth move, Jargus draws his ax and cleaves the arm off the nearest peon.

The boss, however, refuses to yield and puts up a good fight. All the group teams up on him, slowly breaking him down. Finally, as he stands battered, Athelred tosses a fireball directly into his chest, instantly killing him.

Feeling ever so cocky, the group strides into the next room, which is an antechamber to the big boss’s chamber. His hulking bodyguard sits behind a desk. Feeling charitable, Reikas gives him the opportunity to flee. After all, everyone else is already dead, and we haven’t even broken a sweat yet.

Unfortunately, unlike his compatriots, this bodyguard is no sickly weakling. Brandishing a set of knuckle-dusters, he leaps over the bench and starts swinging. In quick succession, Reikas takes two savage hits and is reeling. A split second later, the bodyguard’s hulking fist slams into Reikas stomach, smashing all the way through and cracking his back bone. Reikas falls to the floor, dead before he hits the stone.

Warhammer is pretty graphic in its critical hit descriptions. According to the book, Reikas’s chest cavity explodes and his entrails fall out. Still, it’s tough to imagine all that from a single punch, no matter how roid-raged out the villain is.

The Crew Heads to Nuln
Bandits beware: Never attack the ones with weapons!

At the request of Sir Einden, a group of adventurers assembled in Biberdorf. Sir Einden had been commanded by his lady, the Countess Von Liebeitz, to send his best men to help her recover a stolen gem. Without pomp or circumstance, Einden dispatched a party of four to Nuln, the capital city.

They have the option to either walk along the road or take a barge down the river. Upon mentioning the barge, Jargus becomes very wary. “I prefer to have solid ground under my feet. Floating down the river on a cobbled together raft is not my idea of travel.” So, since no one else really cared that much, they decided to walk.

Along the way, the group is waylaid by a group of bandits. Being quite stupid, the bandits decide to try and extort money from the party. The bandits don’t seem to realize that the party is much better equipped than they are.

Jargus, mildly amused, pulls out his coin purse. He moves to hand it over, then drops it on the ground. “Oops, I dropped it. I suppose you’ll just have to pick it up,” he says happily. Without much thought, one of the bandits leans over. At that moment, Jargus grabs him by the hair and smashes a knee straight into his face. The bandit staggers backward as his mates all pull out clubs and swords.

In the ensuing battle, the bandits fare quite poorly. Even those who are able to score hits are unable to do any significant damage. Jargus and Reikas are easily able to shrug off the attacks.

In retribution, however, they execute devastating attacks on the thieves. After kneeing the bandit in the face, Jargus draws his massive two-handed axe. With one mighty swing, he neatly cleaves off the bandit’s head. Flying through the air, it spewed blood from the neck as well as the smashed in nose.

Likewise, a few paces away, Reikas was pursuing the leader of the bandits. Seeing his friend decapitated, he had lost his will to fight, and was turning to flee. However, in a deadly strike, Reikas plunged his spear into the leader’s armpit, shattering his shoulder. In an instant, the blood loss caused him to collapse and die of shock.

This was our first ever Warhammer battle, and we managed to score two massive critical hits. Needless to say, it was quite exciting.

Scouring the remains of the highwaymen, the party managed to find 15 Gold Crowns (highest denomination of coinage in The Empire). However, it did not last long, as further down the road they found an inn filled with thirsty patrons. Jargus suggested they blow all their new money on drinks, and so the party began buying round after round for the entire inn.

As the night wore on, people continued to thank them for their generosity. Jargus kept saying over and over, “Don’t thank me. Head back up the road and thank the headless corpse and shake the hand of the man with no shoulder. They’re the ones buying your drinks!”

When they finally arrive in Nuln, it is early evening. The guard at the gate holds them up for two hours while he decides whether or not to allow them entry. Finally, after the sun has set, they are allowed in. However, they are advised to wait until morning to speak to the Countess.

Being brash and somewhat stupid, they head straight for the palace. Of course, the guard at the palace gate refuses to allow them entry either. Rufus does his best to convince him, but gets nowhere. Finally, Athelred steps forward and casts a sleep spell on the guard. Instantly he collapses in a heap.

Rufus worries that the guard will be punished or killed for falling asleep at his post, so he attempts to prop him up to make it look like he’s still awake. Still, without much hesitation they all head inside.

Inside, they find the Countess settling the final matters of the day. When she finds that Clark, the guard, let them in without asking her, she is furious. Rufus explains that they were very, very convincing and asks her not to punish him overmuch. She says she will take his words into consideration, but still seems very angry.

Once her temper settles, she tells them of their mission. A gem from a ring once worn by the Chaos God Nurgle has gone missing. Controlling this gem has allowed her and her advisers to keep the forces of Chaos at bay in Nuln. Without it, there was a chance that Chaos infiltrators could begin causing trouble.

Further, the gem posed a definite danger to the populace at large. It had a curse that caused a horrible wasting disease on anyone who handled it. If it were to be forced upon unsuspecting citizens, there could be a panic. So, the adventurers had to retrieve the ring, and do it quickly.

Fortunately, the Countess has a lead. She tells the party that she’s convinced that the Schatzenheimer Gang is somehow involved. They are led by a man named Kurt Holger. If the adventurers could somehow infiltrate his base, they might be able to discover the location of the gem.

With a course of action in mind, the adventurers all laid down for the night to rest and prepare themselves for the battles ahead.


Excellent post, Micah.

Just as an example for gauging experience, for this session I’d probably award 100 EPs per character. That’s really high for a session this short, but I liked the 2 criticals and Micah’s post was very good.

A bunch of newbs playing Warhammer
Space marines? No, not _that_ Warhammer!

Regan will be running us through a canned Warhammer Fantasy adventure. It’s always fun to try new systems.


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